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Caring For Your Stone

The warm beauty of marble is unparallel among building materials, but preserving that beauty in certain marbles requires careful, regular maintenance. Marble, granite and other natural stones have become increasingly popular for both residential and commercial uses. However, some simple steps will help preserve the original luster of the stone over time. New cleaning and polishing methods have been developed and refined to help preserve the marble or granite in its original condition with a minimum of effort. The following are the approaches you may use to properly care for your marble and granite floors, countertops and furniture.

Honed Finish Floors

The honed finish is not quite as smooth as polished stone and may require restoration if used in a high traffic area. Regular foot traffic erodes the highly polished finish, allowing your floor to gracefully develop a natural patina. Preserve floors with a clear, buff able surface to reduce scuffing and staining. After two coats of sealer, the surface may be polished with a low-speed buffer. Include periodic stripping and reapplication of the sealer as necessary.

Highly Polished Finish

Highly polished marble and granite floors create an elegant, upscale atmosphere. In heavily trafficked areas, the polish can wear off. The options for maintaining your polished marble and granite floor fall into three broad categories:

  • Restore the polished marble or granite finish periodically, as necessary. This approach will keep one's stone looking new.
  • Maintain a commercial floor finish on the marble or granite surface, using sealers and regular maintenance procedures. Be sure to select sealers and waxes with caution, as they may contain ingredients, which could dull or stain the floor. Before application, clean the floor with soapy water and let it dry. Apply two coats of sealer in quick succession, using sealer brushes or pump sprayers. After 30 minutes, remove the excess sealer with a dry cloth. Maintain the marble with the daily application of water and soap solution and the use of high-speed buffers, and clean thoroughly once per month.
  • Periodically clean the surface with a water-detergent mixture, applying no sealers or finishes. The highly polished marble will eventually develop a low-luster finish.

Countertops and Furniture

After floors, marble and granite is most commonly used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms and on furniture. In these areas, marble can easily be kept looking new by the regular application of a mild soap and water mixture. Spills of acid liquids, like fruit or vinegar, need to be wiped up quickly to preserve the color and polish of the marble surface


The following cleaning agents could severely damage marble or granite surfaces:

  • Scouring-type cleaners (steel wool)
  • Acid based cleaning agents
  • Waxes and finishes requiring high-speed buffers
  • Solvents, waxes, or polishes containing color agents
  • Oils, turpentine